• [2021-02-10]

    Check out the latest version of our news source credibility dataset. See the GitHub repository for usage examples.
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  • [2021-01-15]

    We released the pre-print of our paper "Tell Me Who Your Friends Are: Using Content Sharing Behavior for News Source Veracity Detection".

  • [2020-12-02]

    Our paper "Fake it Till You Make it: Self-Supervised Semantic Shifts for Monolingual Word Embedding Tasks" got accepted at AAAI-2021.
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  • [2020-06-08]

    Paper presented at ICWSM 2020 Data Challenge on Misinformation and Abusive behavior in social media.

  • [2020-03-21]

    We have released NELA-GT-2019 - a dataset for assessment of news producer credibility.
    [Pre-print] [Code] [Dataset]

  • [2020-03-13]

    RPI-Trust group participaed in SemEval-2020 Task 1: Unsupervised Lexical Semantic Change Detection.
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